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Student entrepreneur Consultation hours

In collaboration with the TU/e, we give students the opportunity to ask legal and business questions during the Forum Juridica consultation hour. All student entrepreneurs – large or small – can come to us, so if you are an entrepreneur with (a) question(s), we are happy to help you!

An appointment can be made online or offline (room X.), you can make an appointment by simply sending an email or whatsapp to Forum Juridica. The first appointment is free, if more help is needed, a plan and price are set individually (see our hourly rate).

Mail : info@forumjuridica.com

Tel : +31639538879


About Forum Juridica

Hi I’m Cèline, the founder of Forum Juridica.

While I was studying I noticed that I could put the acquired knowledge to good use in practice to help others, you may recognize that thought. I come from an entrepreneurial family so the choice was easy for me, I started my own business and so arose Forum Juridica. My mission is to provide insights into the law to help you grow. In the meantime my legal advice company has also grown into a mediation and coaching office. If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, it is important that your legal foundation is solid. Let’s build that bridge to your future together!

How can we help you?


Ma. t/m Vr. 09.30 – 17.00



+316 23 92 43 63



In verband met corona is ons bezoekadres te Nijmegen momenteel gesloten.